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Who we are ?

We Are Digital Solution Integrator
Over 10 years in enterprise digital signage business of more than 10,000 managed screens
in current operation nationwide.Over 7 years in enterprise software, mobile application and website development
tightly integrated to core-bank system for world-class financial institutions.
story of Intenax

Strength of Planning .

  1. 1. Hatari Wireless Co.,Ltd. Founded 2003

  2. 2. Leading Digital Solution Integrator with extensive experience in:

    • - Digital Media Solution

    • - Network and Infrastructure

    • - Security & Network Management

    • - Software Solution and Development

    • - Server, Storage, Desktop PC and Notebook

    • - Professional Services

  3. 3. We are expert in delivering national-scale
    network-based solutions.

Our Strength

Professional Team

Well-trained and experienced
management and technical staff
to ensure superior output quality. 24x7 in -
to ensure superior output quality. 24x7 in house call center and
service team all cooperating
to meet rigorous SLA.

Security Oriented

No compromise when it comes to security.
Hatari Wireless is road tested and trusted
by top industries across Thailand, including
many of the world's most security conscious
organizations, such as banks and health care

Knowledge - Know How

Expert in smart mobile application,
enterprise software, digital signage,
intelligent queue system, website, and
network infrastructure with in-house R&D

Our Clients